Make significant impact in the lives of wounded children both now & in generations to come

Each year, we make regular, significant distributions to support the day to day operations of The Children’s Home of Lubbock, while at the same time continuing to grow the endowment. This is critical for a number of reasons. First, it provides security for the ongoing care of wounded children in our area. Often when various sectors of the economy slow down, annual giving to The Home can also decline. But the needs of boys and girls remain, and often the number of children needing care increases during hard economic times.

Second, it allows The Children’s Home to remain nimble and add services and programs as the needs arise. This may happen in response to changes in state or federal law, or through better understanding of the effects of trauma on young people and how to improve their treatment. The Children’s Home has remained on the leading edge of childcare in the state of Texas in large part because of this ability.

Also, a solid and growing endowment allows The Children’s Home to better plan for the future, confident that as long as children need a safe place to heal from the effects of abuse and neglect, the funding will be in place to make sure it happens.

When you partner with The Children’s Home Foundation, you’re really investing in the lives of boys and girls for generations to come. Boys and girls who have been damaged by abuse. Boys and girls who have suffered from severe neglect. Boys and girls who need a place of refuge. A sanctuary from the trauma inflicted upon them. And you can feel proud that you are part of the solution.

Your partnership helps ensure these children have warm beds and clean clothes, hot meals and warm hugs, a solid education and a firm faith to help launch them into a productive, healthy life. Your partnership helps break the cycle of poverty and abuse, and changes family trees forever



Help big-hearted people make thoughtful, planned gifts

If you’re like many other compassionate people, you have probably thought more than once, “If only I could do more.” You want to help the cause, but you also have your own needs to consider, as well as others you care about. What we have found is that in most cases, you can do both! You can support the needs of hurting children both today and for generations to come, as well as take care of your ongoing needs and provide a blessing to your loved ones.

There are numerous ways of supporting the mission besides writing a check. Some people have appreciated assets they can donate, which maximizes the impact of the gift, while minimizing the cost. Others turn a low- or non-producing asset, like real estate or stocks, into an income stream for life.

Smart planning can also have significant positive tax implications! We will gladly sit with you and explore options that might be most appropriate for your situation, fully respecting your wishes. We will even work with your legal and financial professionals to ensure the plans you have made are structured and executed in the most beneficial way.

No matter how you decide to give, your thoughtful gifts to The Children’s Home Foundation will be prudently invested to maximize returns, while protecting the principle. This ensures a steady and increasing stream of ongoing support to the ministry of The Children’s Home, while continuing to grow the endowment.


See why & how others have made gifts that reach farther than they imagined possible

Delmont & Louise have been ardent supporters of The Children’s Home of Lubbock for many years. In 1999 they decided to establish a Charitable Remainder Trust at The Children’s Home Foundation with a gift of appreciated property. Although Delmont has since passed, Louise is still enjoying a steady income from that trust. But it’s not just the stream of income she appreciates. “I want my children & grandchildren to see the importance of sharing with children,” she stated.

Today, Louise is proud to know the legacy she & her husband began decades ago is indeed being embraced by their children & grandchildren. And she rests assured that future generations of wounded children will be cared for because of her & Delmont’s decision to make a special gift to The Children’s Home Foundation.


Children have always had a special place in Ann’s heart. As an elementary school teacher, she devoted her life to helping children become the best they could be. She has seen first hand how children in healthy, loving homes have a distinct advantage on their path to success. And she also saw how those with no family of their own struggled. So she decided to do something about it.

Now, Ann could not provide a loving family to every child who needed one by herself, of course. But when she chose to make a gift to The Children’s Home Foundation which set up an endowment at her direction to help facilitate adoptions, Ann created a situation through which hundreds of children would find “Forever Families.” To date, that endowment has paid out more than the original gift, and it’s still growing! And that means countless hundreds of children will continue to find love & security in safe, healthy homes because some of the financial obstacle that might otherwise have kept parents from adopting has been removed.

Thanks to a retired, big-hearted school teacher who decided to act, children for generations to come will grow up in loving, nurturing homes, giving them the opportunity to succeed in life.


“Oh, I don’t need much!” Those were Floy’s words when talking about her future. In fact, she was more concerned with “kingdom work” than building her own kingdom on earth. “I receive enough each month to live on, just fine.” This widowed wife of a farmer near Abilene, TX, was content with a simple life.

We were discussing her desire to help children who were displaced from their homes because of abuse & neglect. We suggested a Charitable Gift Annuity to The Children’s Home Foundation as a way to make an impact in children’s lives, while at the same time providing her with a steady stream of guaranteed income. Floy’s eyes lit up when she learned how much more she would receive from the Charitable Gift Annuity compared to what she had been earning from her savings. “Do you know what I do with the money I get from this savings account? I support a missionary family. But now I’ll be able to more than triple the amount I send them each month! And, I’m helping kids who need a home at that same time!”

For Floy, a Charitable Gift Annuity with The Children’s Home Foundation was a way to further God’s work in ways greater than she ever imagined she could before.




Make a donation today, receive a stream of income for life


Make a significant difference in the lives of boys and girls for generations to come, without affecting your current lifestyle


Donate online today! Did you also know you can give in ways other than simply writing a check?